SurvivorA Wild Amphetamine Ride Through The Vagaries Of Fame And The Nature Of Belief San Francisco ChronicleTender Branson Last Surviving Member Of The Creedish Death Cult Is Dictating His Life Story Into Flight 2039 S Recorder He Is All Alone In The Airplane, Which Will Crash Shortly Into The Vast Australian Outback But Before It Does, He Will Unfold The Tale Of His Journey From An Obedient Creedish Child To An Ultra Buffed, Steroid And Collagen Packed Media Messiah Unpredictable And Unforgettable, Survivor Is Chuck Palahniuk At His Deadpan Peak A Mesmerizing, Unnerving, And Hilarious Satire On The Wages Of Fame And The Bedrock Lunacy Of The Modern World. I m going to be honest, I m starting to become less and less impressed with Palahniuk s work in general and it saddens me to admit this I ve read five of his books now one non fiction one too plodding to even finish , and it s becoming too obvious that every character voice is exactly the same They are all written the same, they all have the same delivery of speech and thought patterns, they are all perfectly one dimensional Blank, emotionless, cruel, somewhat hateful Disenchanted with the world, anti and asocial There s no depth of feeling even when Palahniuk attempts to create a characteristic turn around, it falters and falls short with the singular exception of Fight Club The hero always knows a handful of miscellaneous facts that loosely relate to the content enough to serve as cynical metaphor how to make soap, how to clean up evidence of violence, etc this miscellany is always interspersed with social commentary and scraps of dialogue, absolutely routine by now
chuck palahniuk will mess you up he messed me up fight club put chuck on the map, but in my opinion, survivor is where he really earned his paycheck as others have mentioned, the book starts on page 247 or so and goes backwards to page 1 a simple, but clever gimmick that made me buy the book in the first place and since the novel s protagonist, if we can call him that, is on a doomed airplane, the page numbering is highly appropriate palahniuk expertly traces one man s rise to fame tender branson is the sole survivor of the creedish cult who decide to stage their own johnstown massacre consequently he becomes something of a media darling, everyone wanting a piece of the action palahniuk illustrates just how really susceptible we americans are to clever marketing and the completely ridiculous idea of celebrity what, exactly, is our fascination with celebrities and hollywood types i started thinking about the ridiculous number of tv shows dedicated to following celebrities et, access hollywood, celebrity justice, etc, etc, etc, and not to mention an entire tv channel E devoted to a shoving unrealistic hopes, dreams, and ideals down the throats of the every day, average american who has no hopes of ever achieving the hollywood life i m pretty sure hollywood is ruining america i think palahniuk
, , , Chuck Palahniuk is my guilty pleasure His books aren t good or anything but I just like reading them ironically They re palate cleansers y know This one is basically Chuck trying to write Fight Club again but it isn t really working It s handy that the page numbers are backwards because then
. Palahnuik has a formula to his story writing, and it s becoming and clear that every work becomes less and less impressive upon further examination Every main character seems plagued by the same sense of nihilism and self defeat like his Fight club protagonist, as well as the same delivery of speech, and thought patterns So After reading about 3 books in a row with this consistent formula, I was about ready to abandon my faith in him.But Then I read this book, and what a fresh breath of air it was Yes, it applied the formula Yes, it had the same nihilistic, disenchanted, one dimensional main character, but it also didn t try to surprise me with the ending like most of his books usually do i.e Lullaby , Diary , and Choke I truly believe that because of this, the novel was saved from being a duplicate, boring disaster This book was compelling, albeit slow to start You really won t feel interested until probably half way through But it s well worth the wait If there s two books yo
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