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Doctor Who Meet The Doctor Friends Old And New Who Would You Be Know Your Enemy Cassandra Monster Hunt Mirror Image Know Your Enemy Krillitanes Is Your Teacher An Alien K 9 S Cafe Confustion Doctor Ho Ho Solar System Spacial Awarness Know Your Enemy Ood The Torchwood Institute Police Box Party Werewolf Attack Which Alien Are You Most Like Going Round In Circles Know Your Enemy Slitheen Escape From Raxacoricofallapatorious Not Exactly Rocket Science Down The Rabbit Hole Make Your Own Time Capsule Know Your Enemy Daleks Message Madness Doomsday TARDIS Tracker Know Your Enemy Cybermen Act Like A Time Lord Doctor Who Adventures Tetszik a bor t ja, mert tletes Ecclestonr l v lt t Tennantre, ahogy mozgatja az ember Ezeket a a kiadv nyokat els sorban gyerekeknek sz nj k, gyhogy pr b lom ezt figyelembe venni az rt kel sn l.Ebben a k tetben t bb a j t k, mint az inform ci vannak benne j t kok, amiket a k nyvben kell megoldani, meg olyanok is, amik ink bb tan csokat adnak, hogyan viselkedj gy, mint e
only for children, some quizzes, some monsters explained, a comic and story little text many photos of the monsters adults looking for info should buy how to be a timelord, inside story, brilliant book only available for 2 years though or comp
Fun little companion book with information, games and quizzes Will keep young and old entertained even when you re not that much of a Whovian. Haha it s cute A couple of years ago I was in Barnes and Noble and saw David Tennant s face on the cover of a book this one and ran down the isle to get it Seeing that it was him and was something having to do with Doctor Who I had
Nice, but not WOW. Full of fun activities and fascinating facts There s some mind bending tricks you can try on friends as well as puzzles you can try yourself. This was published under BBC Children s Books It s fun, kind of silly, and very different to 2006 s annual I reckon fans will enjoy it, but it was definitely written with kids in mind.

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