How to Read the Quran

How to Read the Quran How To Read The Qur An Offers A Compact Introduction And Reader S Guide For Anyone, Non Muslim Or Muslim, Who Wants To Know How To Approach, Read, And Understand The Text Of The Qur An.Using A Chronological Reading Of The Text According To The Conclusions Of Modern Scholarship, Carl Ernst Offers A Nontheological Approach That Treats The Qur An As A Historical Text That Unfolded Over Time, In Dialogue With Its Audience, During The Career Of The Prophet Muhammad Ernst Explores The History Of The Text And Its Development In The Meccan And Medinan Periods The Qur An S Important Structural Features, Including Symmetrical Or Ring Composition Recent Revisionist Challenges To Its Textual Integrity And Intertextual References In The Qur An That Relate To Earlier Works, Such As The Bible Featuring Ernst S Illuminating New Translations Of 725 Qur Anic Verses, Close Studies Of Numerous Key Passages, And Appendices With Tools To Help Readers Work Their Way Through The Entire Text, How To Read The Qur An Not Only Summarizes Historical And Literary Issues But Also Engages With The Religious And Political Context Of Understanding The Qur An Today. This book did not quite cover everything that I wanted to know about Islam, but it provided a good starting point for further knowledge to be built upon I really appreciated its coverage of today s most controvers
Presents interesting ideas His method is not new, as there are structural commentaries of the Qur an within the Islamic tradition predating him It is a rather drawn out book though and a bit tedious to read after the point is received. Recent events revolving around the Qur an, such as the accidental burning of it in Afghanistan or the intentional provocations of radical American Christian pastors, suggest that Westerns often still fail to understand the role of the Qur an in Muslims lives On occasion, the mere suggestion of having Westerners read the Qur an in order to gain a better understanding of its message has incited anger and lawsuits, as was the case at the University of North Carolina in 2002.The inability to bridge these cultural differences and the many inherent challenges the Qur an possesses inspired Carl W Ernst, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of North Carolina, to write his new book How to Read the Qur an A New Guide, with Select Translations University of North Carolina Press, 2011 He wondered how should the non Muslim read the Qur an This comprehensive introduction presents a literary historical approach that enables the reader to understand how the Qur an s initial audience encountered it through a chronological reading, traditionally understoo
This book serves partially as an introductory book to the Qur an and also an advanced book on the Qur an, and this is its downfall It mentions basic facts such as the Qur an is not in sequence and how reading it in sequence can provide great depth and understanding into the minds of the first Muslims and context of the revelations Then it advances in deep into the literary structure of the Qur an and demonstrates the use of ring structures and how it can be used instead of the technique of abrogation to understand the Qur an Such an idea is far advanced even when understood, it is not useful to the reader.Having said that, this book still deserves four stars It provides a fresh perspective on the Qur an and makes you think of the book differently You ll approach the book differently and will be aware of its hidden complexities If you are a Muslim, at least skim the book to get an gist of the ideas If you are not a Muslim, read the
I was grateful to have read the Introduction and Chapter One at the beginning of the Qur an class that I took, but the later chapters ended up kind of over my head A greater familiarity with the structure of the Qur an and with the surahs within Ernst s subcategori
This was an invaluable resource while reading the Koran Ernst had some really great things to say that truly drove my discussion and thought about the Koran as a whole.I did think he could have delved a little deepe
An excellent guide for non Muslims on how to approach the Qur an responsibly without having to adopt theological commitments of a believer This book is scholarly in methodology, respectful in tone, insightful in its analysis, and thorough in defending its various cla
Very helpful Yay But he ducks the big issues Suras 4, 8 9 Boo I stopped in the middle, having gotten what I wanted out of it It is worth working at in order to get past the rhetoric of the professional haters.

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