Do you want to try Vol. 1

Do you want to try Vol. 1 When The Hot Tempered Han Hye Won Accidently Insults The Handsome Jjang Gangster Of Han Hwa Go, Sun Woo Bin Decides To Pay Her A Visit With His Entire Motorcycle Gang, Ready To See Some Blood So How Does That Lead Up To A Kiss And The Infamous Captain Begging For A Date Do You Want To Try Definitely I love Manhwa, because is full of imagination and I can see different points of view that make me understand some reactions cof Gale cof.This story is a bit weird sometimes but I loved Woo Joo In, Hyung Bin and Si Woo Their reactions, their intentions, the
Ok i really really liked the plot of this manga There was very little humor, plenty of fighting and drama mystery of the past for the girl I ve read up to volume 5 which i think is the ending because they haven t updated the manga since 2010..If it was the ending, it kinda sucked because you had the boy saving the girl, surviving his injuries and then it shows how the boy s best friend was reminiscing how he had come upon this same girl in the past while he was trying to commit suicide and his being there saved her from be
I have no idea why I started reading this now Out of all the Japanese mangas I should be reading, leave it up to me to find a Korean one P Nonetheless, I really liked it and I ll start reading volume 2 Ev