Saying Uncle

Saying Uncle Andy DeMarco And His Little Sister Angela Worshiped Their Uncle Paulie To Them, He Was A God, An Enigmatic Savior, The Man Who Took The Place Of Their Absent Father, Who Protected Them And Their Mother, And Who Taught Them About The True Nature Of Life And Family But One Horrible Summer Day Something Unspeakable Happened To Little Angela, And Everyone S World Changed Forever Now, Twenty Years Later, In The Middle Of A Snowstorm, Andy Has Returned Home To Bury His Uncle, A Man With A Shady Past That Ended With A Caper Gone Wrong And A Bullet In The Back Of His Head Only Now Can Andy Begin To Understand Who His Uncle Truly Was, And In Doing So, Finally Begin To Also Understand Who He Is, And Who He May Still One Day Become.Author Greg F Gifune Has Crafted A Journey Of One Man S Voyage Into The Darkness Of The Past With The Pace Of A Thriller But The Poetic And Thoughtful Writing He Has Become Known And Praised For By Critics And Readers Alike A Lyrical, Complex And Mysteriously Enchanting Novel That Delves Deeply Into The Dark Side Of Family, Friendship, Love, Grief, Loyalty, Revenge, And Ultimately, Redemption, Saying Uncle Is A Lean But Thought Provoking Novel About Crimes Of The Past And The Scars They Leave Behind A Study Of Violence And Spirituality, Of A Family Torn Apart By A Senseless Act Of Brutality And The Equally Brutal Aftermath That Haunts Them Still, Saying Uncle Is At Once Elegant, Horrific, Emotionally Shattering, And Sadly Beautiful A Remarkable Novel From The Author Of Dominion, Blood In Electric Blue, And The Bleeding Season. Posted at Shelf InflictedAt less than 200 pages, Saying Uncle is a short story and a fast, gripping read Andy DeMarco is a young man who returns home after many years to bury the uncle who was like a father to him Uncle Paulie tried to do well by his family, but he was a man with dark secrets This is an intense and powerful coming of age story that explores family relationships, friendship, grief, loss, and the scars left by a brutal crime that happened in the past It was dark, violent, heart wrenching and beautiful It got me angry, moved me to tears, and made me feel like a helpless child all over again It made me think about the father I hadn t spoken to in over 20 years, the two best friends I lost touch with, and the things I wish I had done and said and didn t Amazing story Very deep, emotional, and engaging.I hate having to return this book to the library It is one to savor and treasure. This book is copy 121 of 150 copies printed and are signed and numbered by Greg F Gifune. This is an utterly brilliant book More noir suspense than horror but with distinct undertones Yet with so much heart and such depth of feeling and written with such eloquence that it transcends all genre expectations This is a true work of literature, a gift to the discriminating reader People are always saying that some crime writer gets the underworld just right or that another one really describes it perfectly Gifune gives you the reality illuminated by genius Isn t that what art is meant to do Greg Gifune is a wonderful writer.This is why it pains me to write a lukewarm review of one of his works.This is a short 180 ish pages , story about Andy, our protagonist, his Uncle Paul, and what happened to Andy s sister when they were kids.Gifune follows a good structure where each chapter splits between present day, and back to the events as they unfolded years ago.There is much philosophical and theological musing, and I do love that when it s presented in an engaging manner, as it is here.I finished the novel feeling rather cold as far as resolution and destination goes I m sure this is his intent, and this will likely appeal to some readers, but it left me wanting Granted, the fact that it is rather a novella size, makes this conducive to a story like this.So, I recommend it if you re a fan of the guy This doesn t turn me off him because I know one of these days he s going to blow my socks off, so I will keep on reading him. A powerful coming of age tale about family, the ties that bind and the secrets that sever them. For a short novel, this had a lot to say in how we come to grip with a tragedy in the family How each deal with it, how some have a hard time with closure The secrets of an Uncle, like a father to two small kids, after their father left them The nightmares of revenge, to facing your best friend as a kid, who feels you abandoned himto dealing with the tragic event, that brings them all together again..A very well written haunting tale of grief, loyalty, and the dark side of family. Saying Uncle is the first Gifune book that I have read that is not horror It is a coming of age story that runs parallel to the story of the protagonist as an adult coming to terms with the tragedy that shattered his childhood and altered the lifelong relationships that he cherished.A very powerful story.5 STARS A lean, mean, and gripping suspense novel expertly crafted in an emotionally gripping tale told through the present and the past A slight departure from Gifune s horror fiction, although one could make the case that it s even darker due its understated but prevalent true life traumas its characters stare down for years, all of which begin with a single tragic event SAYING UNCLE is than a coming of age piece, than a mobster story, than a study of the spiritual and existential dilemmas we face every day It is all of those things, and over one of Gifune s finest pieces of literature. This may be my favorite Greg Gifune novel Forgoing the supernatural this time, this is a crime coming of age story that cycles across 20 years Please read this if you missed it before like I did. Another terrific effort from Gifune, this story of familial bonds and secrets holds interest from beginning to end Gifune knows how to tell a story and once again explores the concepts of good and evil with a deft touch This is an author well worth checking out Highly recommended.